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Anonymous Call Rejection



Anonymous Call Rejection rejects incoming calls from individuals who use Caller ID Block to prevent their name / number from displaying on Caller ID

  • Includes Domestic and International calls that display on Caller ID as Anonymous, Private or Blocked
  • Remains active on the line until you deactivate the feature
  • Call types that cannot be blocked include calls from telemarketers, non-profits and businesses that display as Unknown, Unavailable, or that display as the state name 


  • Listen for dial tone and dial *77
    • When activated, callers hear an announcement stating: Your call rejection service is on. All incoming calls will be checked for number privacy before they are allowed to complete to your line
    • The phone does not ring on your end and there is no record of an incoming call


  • Listen for dial tone and dial *87
    • Anonymous Call Rejection remains disabled until activated again
    • When deactivated, customer hears a message that says: Your Call  Rejection is now off.  Incoming calls will not be checked for number privacy status

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