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3 Way Calling / Call Transfer



Three Way Calling enables you to add a third party to a traditional two-person call

  • Three Way Calling remains active on the line, ready for use
  • When Three Way Calling is in use, Call Waiting is not available 

To Add a Third Person to your Conversation

  • When on a call, press the Flash button once
  • Your conversation is now on hold and you hear a few quick beeps followed by dial tone
  • Dial the number of the person you are adding to the conversation (Regional / Long Distance charges may apply)
  • When the call is answered, press the Flash button once to connect all three parties

To Disconnect the Third Party, press the Flash button twice to rejoin the original caller

  • A ring tone reminds you the original caller is on hold if you fail to go back to them
  • When one person hangs up, you remain connected to the other caller

Call Transfer Instructions

  • While on a call with a person you want to transfer, press the Flash button to put the caller on hold
  • You hear a few quick stutters and then dial tone
  • Dial the phone number and wait until you hear the line ringing
  • Hang up after the second number answers
  • The call is then transferred to the number you dialed 

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