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Call Waiting



Call Waiting lets you know another caller is trying to reach you when you are already on the line

  • This feature emits a special tone to indicate there is a call waiting
  • When hearing the tone, press the flash button to connect to the second caller
  • To return to the first call, press the flash button once and release
  • To alternate between callers, press the flash button
  • Each call is private and is not heard by the other caller

When Call Waiting is on your line, it remains active unless you temporarily disable it

If you do not want a call to be interrupted, temporarily disable Call Waiting by dialing *70

  • Dial *70
  • Listen for three brief tones followed by normal dial tone
  • Make the call
  • After hanging up, Call Waiting is automatically restored 


  • Call Forwarding overrides Call Waiting
  • Call Waiting can interfere with faxes; temporarily disable Call Waiting when sending / receiving faxes
  • Call Waiting and Caller ID work together to provide incoming call information
  • Call Waiting ID does not work when Opting out of Caller ID

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