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Call Waiting



Call Waiting lets you know another caller is trying to reach you when you are already on the line

  • You'll hear a special tone to indicate there is a call waiting
  • When you hear the tone, press the flash button to connect to the second caller
  • To return to the first call, press the flash button once and release
  • To alternate between callers, press the flash button
  • Each call is private and is not heard by the other caller
  • If Call Waiting is on your line, it remains active unless you temporarily disable the feature

Temporarily Disable Call Waiting 

  • Dial *70 and listen for three brief tones followed by normal dial tone
  • Make your call without interruption
  • After hanging up, Call Waiting is automatically restored 

Call Waiting Restrictions:

  • Call Forwarding overrides Call Waiting
  • Call Waiting can interfere with faxes; temporarily disable Call Waiting when sending / receiving faxes
  • Call Waiting and Caller ID work together to provide incoming call information
  • Call Waiting ID does not work when Opting out of Caller ID

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