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Caller ID / Call Waiting ID



  • Caller ID displays the name and number of the incoming caller on your Caller ID equipment / phone
  • Displays last name first, then first name (typically up to 15 characters) and may also display as:
    • City and state: displays on calls from multiple-line businesses, prepaid calling cards, and auto-dialers 
    • Private or Anonymous: displays on calls made by those who have Caller ID Block on their line
    • Out of Area or Unavailable: displays on calls from outside the calling area, with Operator Assistance or by answering the phone too quickly
  • Activation / Deactivation:
    • DC Metro, IL, MA, NY, PA, and TX: upon subscription, Caller ID remains active on the line
    • CA, OR and WA: dial *65 to Activate and *85 to Deactivate

Call Waiting ID

  • Call Waiting ID alerts you of another incoming call while you are on the phone
  • Call Waiting and Caller ID work together to provide incoming call information
    • The user hears a beep, indicating there is another call waiting
  • To switch over to the incoming call or back to the original call, press the Flash button

Additional Information

  • 000-000-0000, Unavailable, International, Unknown or Out of Area displays when a call is from another country or another LD carrier
  • The phone must ring twice to register an incoming name / number
  • It may take up to 48 hours for the correct name to display on Caller ID when first installed or when the account name is changed
  • Sometimes the old name or another message displays until information updates
    • This occurs in a universal system not controlled by our company
    • Please allow 48 hours for information to update

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