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Selective Call Forwarding



Selective Call Forward allows a user to forward up to 10 phone numbers to a single number 
  • Call Forward, Ultra Call Forward and Call Forward Variable take precedence over Selective Call Forward

Resolution Steps


Using Selective Call Forward  
  • Dial *63 and follow the voice prompts to set up and manage the Selective Call Forwarding List
  • Phone numbers not on the Selective Call Forward list ring to the home phone, as usual
  • Remember, to also enter a 1 when forwarding to a long distance number

All Other Markets

Activation and Setup
  • Dial *63 and press 3
  • Dial the desired number to forward calls and press #
  • Enter up to 10 numbers to forward to the designated number
  • Remember to enter the Area Code and phone number 

  • Dial *83 and press 3
  • To remove a number, enter that number and press #
  • To remove all numbers, press *08

Internal Information

Commercial Agent Steps

Financial Agent Steps

Management Steps