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Speed Dial (Single or Double Digit)



Speed Dial enables you to quickly call certain phone numbers by pressing one or two buttons instead of dialing the full phone number

  • Not compatible with Remote Call Forward

Single Digit Speed Dial Set Up

  • Assign a one digit Speed Dial code for each phone number you wish to store

  • Dial *74 and wait for a dial tone

  • Enter the Speed Dial code (choose a number from 2 through 9) followed by the 10 digit phone number

  • Press #; there will be a quick stuttered tone to confirm your entry

  • To add another number to your Speed Dial list, repeat the steps and choose a different code


Double Digit Speed Dial Set Up

  • Double Digit Speed Dial 30 (Grande, TX 100 only) Set Up
    • Dial *75 and listen for dial tone
  • Enter a two digit code from 20 to 49
    • CA, DC Metro, IL, MA, NY, OR, PA and WA: 20 through 49
    • enTouch and Harris, TX: 9 through 30
    • Grande, TX: 9 through 99
  • Enter the 10 digit phone number as you would dial it, then press # to store it
  • Listen for two beeps or a recording to confirm the number is stored
  • Repeat the steps to add another phone number; choose a different two digit code

Resolution Steps

Remove a Speed Dial Number

  • Dial *74 (Single Digit) or *75 (Double Digit)

  • Enter the code associated with the phone number you wish to remove

  • Press #

  • Note: When adding a new number to an existing code that was already used, the new number replaces the previously saved number

Replace Speed Dial

  • Follow setup steps to replace a speed dial number with another number

  • Numbers cannot be removed, only replaced


Using Speed Dial

  • Pick up the phone and listen for dial tone

  • Press the Speed Dial Code assigned to the phone number you wish to call

  • Press #

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