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Voice Mail for DC Metro, IL, IN, MA, NY and PA



General Information About Your Voice Mail

  • Your mailbox stores up to 20 messages, each two minutes in length
  • A stutter dial tone indicates a message is waiting; a message light flashes if your phone has this capability
  • New messages are saved for 30 days; if a message is listened to and saved every 29 days, it can be saved indefinitely
  • If a message is not saved within 30 days, the message is deleted and moved to a trash folder for 14 days
  • Messages in the trash folder are accessible for 14 days, unless the message is restored or permanently deleted

User Quick Tips:

  • Access from Home: dial *98, enter your PIN, press #, follow prompts
  • Access Away from Home: dial home phone number, press #, during the greeting, enter your PIN, press #, follow prompts
  • Change PIN: from Main Menu, press 4:
    For security options, press 3
    To change your PIN, press 1
    Enter new PIN and press #
  • Change Greeting or Name:
    From Main Menu, press 3
    To set up a personal greeting, press 1 or  to select a system-generated greeting or to change your name
    Press 3 / Follow prompts

First Time Set Up

  • Dial *98.  A tutorial walks you through each step to:
    • Create a new PIN that is 6 to 20 digits by following these guidelines:
      • Cannot have more than 2 repeating digits (110022 is okay; 111000 is not)
      • Cannot match any part of the phone number (first 6 digits, last 6 digits, etc.)
      • Cannot be a sequence of numbers (12345, 54321)
      • Cannot be the same digit (111111, 999999)
    • Record a name announcement
    • Record a personal greeting or select standard greeting options
      • To update future greetings, press 3 from the greetings menu
      • Correct any announcements or messages

Resolution Steps

Check messages from Home

  • Dial *98
  • At the prompt, enter your PIN and press #
  • Follow the prompts

Check Messages When Away from Home

Dial your telephone number or the access number for your area

  • Washington DC: 202-248-3333 and 202-248-8100
  • Maryland: 301-905-3333 and 301-915-8100
  • Virginia: 571-641-3333 and 571-641-8100
  • Illinois-site 14 Co. 1: 312-643-3333 and 847-213-3333
  • Illinois-site 14 Co. 2: 331-529-8625
  • Illinois-site 14 Co. 3: 812-916-8625
  • Massachusetts: 617-948-3333 and 508-405-3333
  • Manhattan, NY: 212-784-3333
  • Queens, NY: 718-552-3333
  • PA - Greater Allentown: 610-351-6550
  • PA - Luzerne / Lackawanna Counties: follow dial home phone number instructions
  • PA - Bangor, Pen Argyl, Easton: 610-438-6550
  • PA - Philadelphia area: 484-452-6550
    • Dial your telephone number OR the access number for your area
    • Press the star (*) key during the recorded greeting
    • At the prompt, enter your PIN and press #
    • Follow the prompts

    Managing Messages

    • When listening to messages, follow these commands
      • To Save a Message: press 2
      • To fast-forward 5 seconds, press 99
      • To rewind 5 seconds, press 77
      • Press # to keep the current message and skip to the next message
      • Delete Message: press 3
      • Press 0 for helpful hints

    Delete a Message Permanently

    • When pressing 3 to delete a message, it is moved to a deleted messages folder
    • If the folder is not emptied, the mail box may say it is full even though there are no new messages
    • To permanently clear a deleted message:
      • Log into your voice mail as normal
      • Choose option 6 to play deleted messages
      • Press 3 to delete a message permanently

    Reset PIN

    • If you forget your VM PIN, if you become locked out of voice mail, or if your voice mail becomes disabled contact customer service for assistance

    Incoming Calls Reach Answering Machine Instead of Voice Mail

    • You can choose to discontinue using your answering machine or set your answering machine to pick up after 6 or more rings
    • This enables voice mail to pick up before the answering machine:

    Incoming Calls Reach Fax Machine instead of Voice Mail

    • Some fax machines can work with voice mail. Check your manual for instructions
    • Our voice mail is set to answer after 4 rings and can be changed as per your request
    • If changing the ring cycle does not resolve the issue, adding Distinctive Ring to your phone line may help

    Voice Mail Box is Full

  1. Dial the access number or *98
  2. A message begins that says your mailbox is full 
  3. Quickly hit the ** (star) key twice, immediately.
  4. From here, you can enter your PIN and delete voice mail messages

Stuttered Dial Tone - Message Waiting Not Working

  • When a message is waiting, you hear a stutter dial tone when you pick up the phone to dial

  • If you are certain a message was left and you do not hear the stutter dial tone, contact us to assist with troubleshooting

Check Messages from Home

  • Dial *98 or your home telephone number
  • At the prompt, enter your PIN and press #
  • Follow the prompts

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