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Voice Mail for DC Metro, IL, IN, MA, NY and PA



General Information About Your Voice Mail

  • Your mailbox stores up to 20 messages, each two minutes in length
  • A stutter dial tone indicates a message is waiting; a message light flashes if your phone has this capability
  • New messages are saved for 30 days; if a message is listened to and saved every 29 days, it can be saved indefinitely
  • If a message is not saved within 30 days, the message is deleted and moved to a trash folder for 14 days
  • Messages in the trash folder are accessible for 14 days, unless the message is restored or permanently deleted

User Quick Tips:

  • Access from Home: dial *98, enter your PIN, press #, follow prompts
  • Access Away from Home: dial home phone number, press #, during the greeting, enter your PIN, press #, follow prompts
  • Change PIN: from Main Menu, press 4:
    For security options, press 3
    To change your PIN, press 1
    Enter new PIN and press #
  • Change Greeting or Name:
    From Main Menu, press 3
    To set up a personal greeting, press 1 or  to select a system-generated greeting or to change your name
    Press 3 / Follow prompts

Resolution Steps

First Time Set-Up

    Voice mail first time set-up must be completed from your phone line at home

    • Dial *98.  A tutorial walks you through each step to:
      • Create a new PIN that is 6 to 20 digits by following these guidelines:
        • Cannot have more than 2 repeating digits (110022 is okay; 111000 is not)
        • Cannot match any part of the phone number (first 6 digits, last 6 digits, etc.)
        • Cannot be a sequence of numbers (12345, 54321)
        • Cannot be the same digit (111111, 999999)
      • Record a name announcement
      • Record a personal greeting or select standard greeting options
        • To update future greetings, press 3 from the greetings menu
        • Correct any announcements or messages


Check Messages from Home

    • Dial *98 or your home telephone number
    • At the prompt, enter your PIN and press #
    • Follow the prompts


Check Messages When Away from Home


    Voice Mail Guide

    Voice Mail Access Numbers

    Washington DC

    202-248-3333 and 202-248-8100


    301-915-3333 and 301-915-8100


    571-641-3333 and 571-641-8100

    Chicago, Illinois (Site 14, Co. 1)

    312-643-3333 and 847-213-3333

    Illinois (Site 14, Co. 2)


    Indiana (Site 14, Co. 3)



    617-948-3333 and 508-405-3333

    Manhattan, NY


    Queens, NY


    Greater Allentown Area


    Bangor, Pen Argyl and Easton, PA


    Philadelphia and Surrounding Areas, PA



    • Dial your telephone number OR the access number for your area
    • Press the star (*) key during the recorded greeting
    • At the prompt, enter your PIN and press #
    • Follow the prompts


Managing Messages

    • When listening to messages, follow these commands
      • To Save a Message: press 2
      • To fast-forward 5 seconds, press 99
      • To rewind 5 seconds, press 77
      • Press # to keep the current message and skip to the next message
      • Delete Message: press 3
      • To reply to a message, press 4
      • Press 0 for helpful hints


Delete a Message Permanently

    • When pressing 3 to delete a message, it is moved to a deleted messages folder
    • If the folder is not emptied, the mail box may say it is full even though there are no new messages
    • To permanently clear a deleted message:
      • Log into your voice mail as normal
      • Choose option 6 to play deleted messages
      • Press 3 to delete a message permanently


Reset PIN

    • If you forget your VM PIN or if you become locked out of voice mail, contact us for assistance


Troubleshooting Voice Mail

    1. Review set-up and usage instructions
    2. Identify the issue you are experiencing

Voice Mail Disabled

    PIN becomes locked when entered incorrectly five times: call us to reset the PIN

Incoming Calls Reach Answering Machine Instead of Voice Mail

    • You can choose to discontinue using your answering machine or set your answering machine to pick up after 6 or more rings
    • This enables voice mail to pick up before the answering machine:

Incoming Calls Reach Fax Machine instead of Voice Mail

    • Some fax machines can work with voice mail. Check your manual for instructions
    • Our voice mail is set to answer after 4 rings and can be changed as per your request
    • If changing the ring cycle does not resolve the issue, adding Distinctive Ring to your phone line may help

Voice Mail Box is Full

    Access voice mail using these instructions:
    1. Dial the access number or *98
    2. A message begins that says your mailbox is full 
    3. Quickly hit the ** (star) key twice, immediately.
    4. From here, you can enter your PIN and delete voice mail messages

Stuttered Dial Tone - Message Waiting Not Working

      When a message is waiting, you hear a stutter dial tone when you pick up the phone to dial

      If you are certain a message was left and you do not hear the stutter dial tone, contact us to assist with troubleshooting



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