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Ordering PPV on TiVo



PPV Ordering Tips
  • Make sure the PPV Channel is checked in the Channel List

  • A PPV purchased before the start time will prompt you to press Select to Order; since it was already purchased, press Clear or Select to confirm

  • A PPV purchased plays on all converters in the home, both TiVo and Motorola

  • Recording rights are controlled by the PPV vendor; if recording is prohibited, a This Content is Not Recordable message displays

Please note: eBox as a standalone single tuner does not have PPV compatibility

Resolution Steps

 Ordering a PPV on TiVo
  1. Press Guide on the TiVo remote, then press Select on the channel showing the PPV

  2. Highlight the PPV and press the Select button on the TiVo remote, a Please Wait message displays

  3. Select a PPV Option to reach the Order Confirmation screen

    • Watch Now: order and play the PPV

    • Rent & Record: order, play and record the PPV

    • Get a OnePass: not used

    • View upcoming episodes: lists all upcoming showings

  4. Once purchased, press Select on the remote for additional confirmation, press Clear to remove the message from the screen

  5. Recorded PPVs remain on the TiVo until space is needed or until the user deletes the program

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