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Finding the Correct Converter Input for Your TV



Make sure your TV input is set to the correct channel for your area

  • Channel 4: Rocklin, CA, West Sacramento, CA, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Corpus Christi, TX
  • Channel 3: all other areas

Important: use these Wiring Diagrams to make sure your equipment is properly connected, if needed


Resolution Steps

Input options vary; please use the original TV remote and press the button marked SourceTV/VideoGame or Input to change the TV input

  • HDMI Cable: select from HDMI, HDMI IN, HD, IN, Input or Line
  • Component (Y Pb Pr) Cables: select from Component, Component IN, RGB IN, Y Pb Pr, Input or Line
  • Composite Video and Audio Cables: select from Aux, AV, Video, Game or Input



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