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Service Protection Plan



Service Protection Plan

  • Covers diagnostics and repair for issues related to existing inside wiring and outlets; wall fishing is not included

  • Covers trouble calls that require repair to telephone wiring, cable television wiring and/or internet service wiring located inside the home

  • Goes into effect immediately when added to an account

  • If removed within 6 months after a chargeable technician visit, a technician visit fee applies

  • Chat with a representative or contact us to add service protection to your account

Resolution Steps

  1. Create a Service Change [UD] with work order type Internal Order

  2. On the Order Entry Services [ES] screen, add one Service Code on its own occurrence
  3. Check the Office Only box on One Time Charge [OT] screen

  4. Enter through the Order Summary [OS] screen to complete the order

Plan Coverage

  • The Plan provides coverage from the demarcation point, about 12 inches outside of home, to wiring that is inside of dwelling
  • Customer must retain the plan for 6 months from date of the tech visit to prevent tech visit fees
  • Closely follow troubleshooting steps to avoid rolling a truck for issues unrelated to our service or for customer equipment:
    • i.e. phones, TV's, faxes, relay devices, non-Company supplied equipment/boxes, DVD players, splitters, AB switches, RF modulators, customer modems/routers, etc.
    • If tech determines an issue with customer equipment, we typically do not charge the customer
      • However, we do not correct issues with customer equipment
  • Charges are automatically applied based upon how the technician closes the work order

Trouble Call - No Charge

  • Customers are not charged for a service call in these instances:
    • When subscribing to the Service Protection Plan and someone over the age of 18 is home for the appointment
    • When installed less than 30 days ago
    • When a TC is closed out as AQ - Tech Waived Fee
    • When becoming a FORMER customers within 6 months of a tech visit

Trouble Call - Charge

  • To avoid a service charge
    • Let customers know someone over the age of 18 must be home when the tech arrives
      • To identity customer was not home, close out code KO or KB (customer not home) is used
    • Let them know they may cancel their appointment before the scheduled timeframe if they no longer need a technician
    • Keep their plan subscription active within 6 months of a service visit

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