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On Demand (VOD and IPVOD) Information



Video On Demand Requirements

  • Residential account in good standing with no VOD block and no Parental Control lock
  • compatiblecompany-provided converter box with a subscription to the On Demand content linear channel's tier of service
    • SA and Motorola boxes in TX, and CableCARDs and DTAs in all markets cannot access VOD


On Demand Content and Viewing Restrictions 

  • Channel Providers can add and remove content from time to time; our company has no control over On Demand content
  • FOX On Demand and FOXNOW are not available in MA; the broadcaster is an affiliate station not owned or operated by FOX, with no rights to broadcast content
  • Up to 8 titles can be ordered and shared on all digital converter boxes on an account
  • VOD ordered on one box is available to view on any box on the account
    • HD VODs can't be viewed on an SD box
    • SD VODs can be viewed on any box, SD or HD 
  • If the same VOD title is purchased in both SD and HDboth VODs are billed

Resolution Steps

Order VOD

  •  Press the VOD/On Demand button on your remote; for TiVo, press TiVo | Apps and On Demand | VOD 
  • Choose one of the categories listed and select sub-categories until a show and episode to watch is reached
  • Select Watch Now (to order) or Go Back (go back one screen); for non-TiVo boxes, press Left button to watch


Control VOD: Stop, Rewind, Fast Forward* and Pause

  • Stop VOD on TiVo: press the Left remote button or the Back button
  • Stop VOD on Other Boxes: press the Down remote button to Exit and Save
  • Play, Pause, Rewind and Fast Forward*: use the Up, Down, Left, Right and Select / OK buttons and follow-on-screen instructions
    • Fast-Forwarding may be disabled for some programming; controlled by the content provider
    • Pause VOD for up to four and a half minutes

VOD Viewing Timeframes

  • Most VOD titles are available for 24 hours from the time ordered
  • Titles available for 48 hours are noted in their description
  • Most Adult VOD titles are available for approximately 6 hours
  • When a VOD expires, it must be ordered again to watch; if it's a purchased VOD, it will be charged for each time the VOD is ordered
  • If you start playing a VOD and it's end time extends the original viewing window, the VOD still plays unless you exit; you cannot Resume Later
    • You can start a 3 hour VOD with a 24 hour viewing window at hour 23
    • The movie won't stop at the 24th hour; however, if you exit, the movie is no longer available


Internal Information

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