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TiVo/IPTV Recording Space



Experience 3

  • Go to TiVo Central | My Shows to see the disk space meter below My Shows header 
    (see steps)

  • If you do not see this meter, you may need to add it by pressing the A button and choosing Show Available Space in the options
    (see steps)


Experience 4 (this includes both TiVo and IPTV boxes)

  • Go to TiVo Home | My Shows to see the disk space meter to the right of the My Shows header
    (see steps)

Resolution Steps

Recording Space Information
  • Videos in Showcases and TiVo Promotions do not take up disk space

  • Change Recording Options for Keep at Most (lower number) and Keep Until I Delete to save space

Internal Information

Commercial Agent Steps

Financial Agent Steps

Management Steps