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Customize the TiVo Channel List



Channels must be checked to:

  • Display in the Guide
  • Appear in Search and WishList results
  • Show up in TiVo Suggestions
  • Record any Programming 

Important: TiVo Minis do not have this option; channels are controlled by the host TiVo

Resolution Steps

4 Tuners, 2 Tuners, Single Tuners, and Minis (TiVo Experience 3)

  • First, go to TiVo Central | Settings & Messages| Settings | Channels | Channel List
  • Arrow up or down to highlight a channel and press Select to check or uncheck channels as needed
  • Arrow right to highlight Done and press Select to confirm the changes (see steps)
  • Next, go to TiVo Central | Settings & Messages | Settings | Channels | Add & Manage Video Apps
  • Ensure the video provider you subscribe to is checked (Netflix, Hulu, MAX, etc.)  (see steps)


4K 6 Tuners, 6 Tuners , 4K Minis, and Minis (TiVo Experience 4)

  • First, go to TiVo Home | arrow left to Menu | Settings | Channel Settings | Channel List
  • Arrow up or down to highlight a channel and press Select or OK to check or uncheck channels as needed
  • When finished, back out of the page to save (see steps)
  • Next, go to TiVo Home | left arrow to Menu | Settings | User Preferences  | Add & Manage Apps
  • Make sure the video provider you subscribe to is checked (Netflix, Hulu or HBO GO, etc.) (see steps)

Internal Information

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Financial Agent Steps

Management Steps