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Shop Now Online Ordering / eCommerce FAQs



Resolution Steps


Access Shop Now from the Website

  • Shop Now for new service from package picker web pages using Order Now buttons on the company website
  • Once Shop Now launches, a Check for Service page begins the order by checking the address serviceability


When Shop Now cannot Locate an Address

  • US Postal Service abbreviations are used for Service Addresses
  • Contact Us or Chat Now to place your order if you cannot locate your address


Service(s) available on Shop Now

  • Shop Now offers new customers ala carte internet, cable and phone services along with bundled packages  
    • Phone comes with Nationwide Calling, Voice Mail, and Ultra Feature Package with 17 Phone features
      • Keep your existing number and new telephone number options are available
    • Cable TV offers Basic TV and Preferred TV 
    • Internet comes an Equipment Option of a WiFi Modem or Bring Your Own equipment

    • Speed tiers have data allotments up to Unlimited data in Western market areas

  • Internet additional features offer Internet Security software and Unlimited Data allotments (Western areas)  
  • Cable additional features include Equipment choices, Additional Cable TV tiers, Premium Channels, International programming, Sports Packages, and Service Protection Plans
  • Telephone additional services offer Listing type (Listed, Non-Listed or Non-Published), International calling Plans, and Service Protection Plans 


Keep your Existing Telephone Number

  • Keep the existing phone number or elect to take a new company provided host phone number
    • Check My Number is offered when requesting to transfer the current phone number
      • The telephone number is checked against the local rate center database with a porting eligibility message provided 
    • Instructions state the number cannot be disconnected or pending disconnect with the current provider


Ordering multiple telephone numbers

  • One phone line can be ordered in Shop Now
    • No option for multiple phone lines is available

    • Contact Us or Chat Now to place a multiple phone line order with a representative


Ordering equipment

  • Cable TV orders require at least one set top box to proceed thru the order flow
    • Up to six Standard Definition (SD) converters can be ordered online
    • Tivo Whole Home in High Definition (HD) with up to six TiVos are offered
    • All High Definition (HD) equipment offered is TiVo only
      • TiVo Single, 2, 4, and 6 Tuner, depending on the amount of outlets and configuration chosen 
  • Internet orders are given a Wifi Modem option or Bring Your Own equipment
  • Company equipment in Digital Phone orders is provided automatically.  Customers must provide their own handset


Credit Check Information

  • Orders cannot proceed without a credit check
  • For credit check, provide either 

    • Social Security Number

    • Birth date and driver's license information
  • No deposit required for an acceptable credit threshold
    • Phone orders do not require deposit, but require credit determination

    • Phone orders below acceptable credit threshold receive an international call block on the account
  • When deposit is required, Credit Card (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover) or Bank Check options are provided
    • Orders do not proceed without providing a deposit payment 


Create an Online Billing account

  • Create an Online Billing account as part of the order process
  • Fields for UserName, Password, Confirm Password and choice of 2 Security Answers are provided
    • Password is case sensitive
    • 6 to 35 characters with at least one letter and one number
    • May use special characters: !@#$%&^* to increase password strength
    • UserName and Security Answers are not case sensitive


Ebill, Billing Address Information and AutoPay

  • Paper or Ebill options are offered
    • Paper bills are mailed to the service address or an optional bill to address

  • AutoPay is offered as an option
    • Click Yes, I want to Enroll in AutoPay
    • Add CC or Bank Check information 
    • Accept Terms and Conditions
    • Click Enroll 


Schedule Installation

  • Select your preferred date and time for installation with a calendar tool
  • A notice appears when choosing the install date
    • Someone over the age of 18 must be present at all times during the installation
    • For buildings with restricted access to utilities, please choose a date and time that our technicians have full access to the home to successfully complete the installation


E-911 and Terms and Conditions

  • Read and agree to Terms and Conditions to proceed with the order
    • Acknowledge understanding the E911 Advisory when taking phone service
    • Explains promotional pricing offers and restrictions
    • Explains internet download speed may vary and are not guaranteed
    • Full Terms and Conditions


Final Order Review and Submit

  • At Checkout, an order review of bundled services, add ons, equipment and estimated taxes are provided
  • One time charges totals may include an installation fee and account setup fee
  • Coupon codes can be applied
  • A review of name, email contact address, online billing username, contact phone and service address
  • Deposit amount (when applicable) is shown
  • Phone customers are shown their new telephone number information
  • Monthly AutoPay, billing address and Ebill choice is shown
  • Installation date and time, along with work order number 
  • Submit the order after review 
    • Thank you page appears with the installation date/time, new account number and order number

    • Print Order Details option is provided


Emailed Order Confirmation

  • An order confirmation email sends shortly after order completion
    • Email Subject line reads : Order Confirmation for New Account 

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