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Change Email Passwords Online for DC Metro, IL, MA, NY and PA



There are 2 ways a user can change their email / webmail password online; password changes take effect in less than 5 minutes 

  1. Email/Webmail password changes in MyAstound Selfcare
    • Users can change their email password even when the current password is not known
  2. Email/Webmail password changes on
    • Users must know their old password to use this online tool 


Password Criteria

  • Password must be between 6-8 characters in length
  • Begin with a letter or a number
  • Can contain any printable character found on the keyboard
  • The password is case sensitive


Resolution Steps

From MyAstound Selfcare:

  1. Log in to MyAstound Selfcare
  2. Click the Accounts drop menu and select Webmail links 
  3. In the Change Email Passwords area, select the email address from the drop down list
  4. Enter the new password twice and Submit

From Usertools:

  1. Go to Usertools  
  2. Enter the current user name and password  
  3. Enter the new password twice  

Internal Information

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