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TiVo App for Mobile Devices



With the TiVo® App, you can do just about everything you can do with your TiVo remote control

  • Find and explore shows

  • Schedule recordings

  • Control live TV and recorded shows

  • And more from your iOS or Android device

With a TiVo Stream or a 6 Tuner DVR:

  • Watch recorded shows or in-progress recordings with your iOS or Android device anywhere in your home

  • You can transfer recordings to your device and take them with you on-the-go

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How to Stream Shows

The stream in your 6 tuner TiVo brings you a world of cool features you don't get with the App alone
  • Stream recordings anywhere around your home (including premium content such as HBO, Showtime etc)
  • Download content to take your shows anywhere
  • Stream shows while they are being recorded
  • Control playback of streaming or downloaded shows: pause, 30-second skip, 8-second instant replay, etc
  • Please note: Out-of-home streaming is not supported; you must be on the TiVo's home network to stream content from your 6 tuner DVR, otherwise, only streaming provider content is available from their respective sites


The Info Screen

  • This screen displays information about the show that's currently airing on your TiVo DVR. As you change channels, the Info screen updates to reflect the show you're watching.
  • You can do lots of things from this screen, including:  See it
    • Tap Watch Now to watch the show. 
      • If you have a Stream or 6 Tuner TiVo, you'll have the option to watch the show on your phone/tablet
        • The show begins recording on your DVR, and then begin streaming to your phone/tablet 
      • If you don't have a Stream or 6 Tuner TiVo, you can watch the show on your TV
    • Tap WishList to create a WishList search for the show
    • Tap Explore the show to learn more about its cast and crew, or to see a list of shows you might also like
    • Tap Record to set up a single recording or a OnePass recording. Or, if you already have a OnePass for a show, tap OnePass to change recording options
    • Tap Upcoming to view a list of upcoming episodes
    • Tap Get From to watch the show instantly on your TV if it's available from other sources (like Netflix or Hulu)
    • Tap More to share your comments about on Facebook or Twitter
  • You can reach the Info screen at any time by tapping the Info button (on a tablet) or by tapping the TiVo button and then choosing Info (on a phone)
  • Note: The Info screen is not available if you are away from your home network


Finding, Exploring, and Recording Shows

  • Searching for a particular show:
  • Tap the Search window (on a tablet) or the Search icon (on a phone) at the top of the screen
  • As you enter the title of the show, a list of matches appears beneath the search window
  • Tap the best match to see options; depending on the show, you can: 
  • Watch it on your TV (if it's currently airing)
  • Record a single episode
  • Create a OnePass recording
  • Modify an existing OnePass
  • View upcoming episodes 
  • Find other video providers for the show, like Hulu or Netflix 
  • Share you comments on Facebook or Twitter
  • To browse the program guide
  • Tap Guide at the bottom of the screen (on a tablet), or tap the TiVo button and choose Guide (on a phone)
  • Scroll the guide up or down to view more listings
    • You can also search for particular channels by tapping at the top of the Channel column
    • When you find a show you like, tap it to display information about it
      • You can choose to watch it on your TV (if it's currently airing) 
      • Record it if it's airing now or at a later date
      • Explore it further
      • View upcoming episodes
      • Share your comments on Facebook or Twitter.
    • To jump to a particular time, tap the date to bring up the date selector
    • Tap to find a particular channel (you can search by channel name or number).
  • To browse collections of related content
    • Tap Browse at the bottom of the screen (on a tablet), or tap the TiVo button and choose "Browse" (on a phone)
    • Menu of related Movies, TV or Sports content appears


Using the My Shows List

  1. To see your TiVo DVR's My Shows folder list
  2. Tap My Shows at the bottom of the screen (on a tablet), or tap the TiVo button and choose My Shows (on a phone)
  3. Tap a show's title to view information and options
    • Watch the show on your TV by tapping Watch now
    • Explore the show
    • Get or modify a OnePass recording
    • View upcoming episodes
    • Delete the show from My Shows folder
    • Share your comments on Facebook or Twitter
Note: The My Shows list is not available if you are away from your home network Answer9


Using the Remote Control

To Use the Remote Control

  1. Tap the remote control icon (on a tablet) or the Pause icon at the top right of the screen (on a phone)
  2. Use the remote control buttons to navigate the TiVo menus and control playback
  3. Tap Gestures (on a tablet) or the Gestures icon (on a phone) to show the gesture pad areas
  4. Use touch-screen gestures to control your video
  5. To return to the remote control button view, tap "Buttons" (on a tablet) or the remote control icon (on a phone)
Note: The remote control is not available if you are away from your home network


Managing Your Shows

  1. Tap Manage at the bottom of the screen (on a tablet), or tap the TiVo button
  2. Choose To Do List (on a phone)
  3. Tap a show title to get information about it. From there, you can cancel the recording, get or modify a Season Pass request, view upcoming episodes, explore the show, and more
  4. Tap OnePass (on a tablet), or tap the TiVo button and choose OnePass Manager (on a phone)
  5. To change the priority of OnePass requests, press the menu button on your tablet/phone, tap Reorder
    • Then, drag and drop your shows into the order you'd like
    • To get more information about a show, tap its title

Note: You can not manage your shows if you are away from your home network


Sharing on Facebook & Twitter

  1. As you explore shows in the TiVo App, you can easily publish your comments about them on Facebook and Twitter
  2. Choose a show from your My Shows list, the guide, or any browsing screen
    • At the bottom of the screen, tap More, then tap Share
    • Select Facebook or Twitter
  3. If prompted, sign in to your Facebook or Twitter account
  4. Enter your post or tweet, and tap Publish


Changing Settings & Signing Out

Tap the gear icon (on a tablet), or tap the TiVo button and choose Settings (on a phone)

     You'll see the following options:
  • TiVo account: Displays how you are signed in to the TiVo App. Tap "Sign Out" to sign out
  • Use Cellular Network: Choose whether to stream shows over the cellular network if Wi-Fi is not available, out of home streaming is not supported
  • Setup: Set up streaming
  • System Information: Get information about devices on your network
  • Broadband Test:  Does a setup on the TiVo Stream and tests the connection
  • YouTube account: Tap Sign In to login
  • Sound effects: Turn TiVo App sound effects on or off
  • Guide Channels: Choose which channels to display
  • Tooltips:  Helpful menu tips are shown in the App
  • About this App: Displays TiVo App information
  • Technical support: Links to's support site
  • Terms of Use/Privacy Policy/Legal Notices: Read legal information about the TiVo App
  • Reset application: Reset the App to default settings


Changing Your Selected DVR

To connect to a different compatible TiVo DVR in your network
  1. Tap the DVR name at the top left of your screen (on a tablet), or tap the TiVo button (on a phone)
  2. Choose Selected DVR menu
  3. Then select another DVR



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