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Messages in Email Program are Not Showing in Webmail for DC, IL, MA, NY and PA



Resolution Steps


  • Web based email shows messages that are currently in your mailbox on our server; here, you can view, delete, reply to and compose messages

  • This does not impact an email program installed on your computer using the Post Office Protocol (POP) in any way
    • For example: when using Outlook to check your mail using POP, you are actually transferring the messages in your mailbox on the server to your local / home machine
  • After transferring these messages, they are often no longer on the server and cannot be viewed using web mail
  • If you would like to see your messages on web mail -and- be able to view them from your home computer, set your home computer to use the IMAP server or leave messages on server
    • Note: if you compose messages or replies from your home email program with POP, these will not display via web mail since they are not on the server


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