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Supported Equipment



We provide full support for company-supplied equipment to ensure our services function properly

We provide assistance with connecting your personal computer / laptop to our network

Resolution Steps


Examples of Company Supplied Equipment

    • Cable converter boxes

    • Cable Cards

    • Remote controls

    • Cable modems

    • Routers

    • EMTA phone equipment

    • Splitters

    • Wires and cabling (coax, Ethernet, etc.)

Customer-Owned Equipment

    Our company provides very limited support for specific customer-owned equipment, such as basic functionality and power cycling
    • We recommend you contact the manufacturer, service provider, or retailer to ensure you receive accurate information specific to your equipment

    Customer-Owned Equipment Examples May Include But Are Not Limited To:

    • Game consoles 

    • Video relay devices (e.g., Sling box) 

    • Personal DVRs 

    • DVD players / recorders

    • Ethernet cards and other software/hardware 

    • VoIP phone equipment (Vonage, Sunrocket, etc.) 

    • Telephones and equipment (fax machines, answering machines, etc.)

    • Telephone Relay Equipment (TTY devices) 

    • Signal amplifiers 

    • Over-the-air antennas


Removing your Equipment

    We may ask you to remove any customer-owned equipment in order to properly troubleshoot

    • Failure to remove the customer-owned equipment may prevent us from determining if the issue is with the service or the equipment

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