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Common Internet Error Messages




Resolution Steps

403 Forbidden/Access Denied

    The website requested requires special access permission, such as a password


404 Not Found

    You clicked on a broken or dead link; the browser found the host site, but did not find the specific document you requested

    The page may have been removed from the site, had the name changed, or been moved to a new location connectivity


405 Method Not Allowed

    The web server is not configured to take data from the client

    The client does not have permission to the view the URL requested


500 Internal Server Error

    This is a server-side problem; it the issue persists, contact the owner of the website


503 Service Unavailable

    The website is too busy; try accessing the page again after a few minutes


Bad File Request

    The online form or HTML code for an online form encountered an error


Connection Refused by Host

    See 403 Forbidden error; website requested requires special access permission, such as a password  


    Failed DNS Lookup

      The website's URL does not resolve to a valid IP address

      This error is common on commercial websites, because the computers responsible for translating the IP addresses are overloaded

      This is also caused by typing the wrong address. To resolve, retype the address, or try again later


    Not Found

      The webpage no longer exists, commonly known as a broken or dead link


    Site Unavailable

      Either too many users are trying to access the site, the wrong website address was typed, the site is down for maintenance, or the site no longer exists

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