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FTP and Webspace for DC Metro, IL, MA, NY, PA, CA, OR and WA




Web space usage can be checked on this page.

We no longer offer new, or support existing Personal Webspace

Web Space storage was equal to the amount of storage on the email address

Webspace was only available through the Pronto version of the Webmail interface.

If a customer needs help with their Personal Webspace, they need find another source for Web Hosting

A valid username and password will be required for access.

The link to the webspace quota checker is on the first page after logging in.


Resolution Steps

FTP Information

  • FTP is an acronym for File Transfer Protocol
    • It is most commonly used to download a file from a server using the internet or to upload a file to a server

  • Our FTP server is (; Port 21

  • Anonymous FTP is not permitted


Web Space

  • Cable Modem and dial-up accounts come with 10 MB of web space each, linked to the email data users
    • We do not offer additional web space

    • Before uploading content, a generic message says the web site is active, and that no content has been added yet
  • 10MB of web space is created automatically the first time the user connects to our FTP server:
  • Simply type the line below into the Address Bar in your browser and hit the Enter key
    • In this example, the (DU) user id is smith and the password is 123456
    • After updating, passwords can take up to 4 hours to update
    • Replace these with your own email user id and password
  • To change the web space password, sign into Usertools to change your password or check your current web space usage
    • Note:  Changing your web space password also changes your email password
  • The URL or homepage location is:
    • Additional information:
      • CGI and Perl can be used for residential web space; however, we do not provide technical support
      • You can direct a domain name to your personal web space but we do not provide technical support
      • We do not offer shell account access, ASP or SQL
      • Email only accounts permit access to a single email account per product
      • To erase files for disconnected customers, submit a Service Now Ticket



Creating Web Pages

  • We do not provide HTML support
  • Two helpful sites to start learning about HTML are The Web Design Group and
  • A common way to upload web pages is to use an FTP program such as FTPzilla or CuteFTP
    • Websites can be added to search engines, such as Yahoo, Bing, or Google
      • Please visit their respective pages for further information

    Basics instructions
    • We do not directly assist in the use of third party FTP software, however instructions for setup and use may be found on their respective Help files

    • Sample settings for a typical connection are shown in the images below

    • If you do not have an FTP client, you may use a web browser to transfer files

      1. If the webspace has not yet been created, enter the URL "" in your browser's Address or Location bar  [You will replace "username" with the customers UserID]
      2. The webspace can now be found at: [You will replace "username" with the customers UserID]
      3. If you choose to use an FTP program, fill in the information as shown below. Make sure to use "Auto-Detect" as both the Host Type and Transfer Type
      4. Typical setup for CuteFTP and WS FTP 



Web Space Counter

  • For a webspace counter, insert the following line into your web page and upload this page to your space

    <img src="">
    • In this example, replace username with your own user id


Change Permissions on Files

  • User FTP directories are set to global read and user write by default
    • This means that anyone on the Internet can see and download your files, but they cannot erase, modify or upload files
  • You can change the permissions on your files by using any FTP client that supports the "SITE" or "chmod" commands


Deleting Webspace  Files

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