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Picture Quality / Poor Reception for DC Metro, IL, MA, NY and PA



Resolution Steps

How many TVs have this problem?

One TV out of Many

  1. Make sure all connections are finger-tight.  Loose connections cause reception issues. 
  2. If your TV is set to the wrong input, you may experience poor reception on all channels
  3. Depending on how your converter is hooked up, your input could be:
    • If box is connected to TV via coaxial cable:
      • Channel 4 (PA, IL)
      • Channel 3 (all other markets)
    • Component
    • HDMI
  4. Verify that all of your equipment is hooked up properly by viewing our equipment diagrams 


All TVs

  • If this problem is on several TVs in the house, there may be an outside issue. Contact Us for assistance


Only TV in the Home

  • Follow the steps for One TV out of Many and then see All TVs as a last resort



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