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Plex App on TiVo and IPTV



organizes your video, music, and photo collections to stream on a secure connection to your TiVo

  • Content can only stream from the Plex Media Server; it cannot be transferred

  • If you are experiencing issues with the Plex app, visit the Plex website for assistance

Resolution Steps

Using Plex on the TiVo

  1. Register for a free Plex account, or log in with your username and password
  2. Access the Plex App in TiVo
    • 4 Tuners, 2 Tuners, Single Tuners, and Minis on TiVo Experience 3
      • Go to TiVo Central | Apps & OnDemand | Plex  (see steps)
    • 4K 6 Tuners, 6 Tuners , 4K Minis, and Minis on TiVo Experience 4
    • IPTV
      • Go to TiVo Home | Apps & Games | Plex (see steps)
      • (you need to install this app from the Google Play store first)
  3. Enter the Plex PIN from the TV screen on the Plex website, then click Connect
  4. Download the Plex Media Server to transfer files to Plex if you see a 'No Media Servers Found' error
  5. Click Continue on the TiVo to start using the Plex app








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