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Passport Echo DVR Guide Icons



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Show locked by channel, rating, content advisory level, or time period when Parental Control is currently enabled
Show locked by channel, rating, content advisory level, or time period when Parental Control is currently disabled

Favorite channel

Auto Favorite channel
Skipped channel
Show that features stereo sound
Show that features closed caption information (subtitles for hearing-impaired viewers)
Show that features alternate audio track, typically in a different language.
Show that has been purchased by customer
Recording in progress
Show is currently playing
Show is scheduled to be recorded
Series is scheduled to be recorded
Recurring manual recording
Single instance manual recording
Show will be erased first (in less than one day)
Show will be erased after the first programs are erased (in about one to three days).
Show will be erased last (in about three to seven days; this icon is displayed only in the program description area of the Recorded Shows screen).
Show to be saved until you manually erase it
DVR cannot recorded show due to conflicts with other recording requests.
Show is in High Definition (HD) format.
Displayed in the Guide if you selected Remind me about this show in the timer dialog.
Folder icon. Contains individual instances of a series, or individual shows that match a keyword.
Shows that are associated with keyword searches in the Recorded Shows, Scheduled Recordings, and Series Manager screens.
Displayed in the Channel Banner to indicate that our company has sent you a message.

'Cropping' icons indicate that a program has been manually or automatically cropped.
'Sorted check mark' icon indicates that the program listings have been sorted to display only channels included in list sort options Custom 1, Custom 2, or Custom 3.
Appears next to newly-released titles in the scrolling title list, and in the upper-left program information area (yellow background) if the currently-selected show is a new release or episode.
Ratings icon indicates the content rating for television and movies.

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