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Power Cycle Digital Cable Equipment



Universal Power Cycle

  1. Power off the television and cable equipment
  2. Unplug the cable equipment from it's power source, wait 30 seconds, then plug converter back in
  3. Power on the television, then the equipment



Resolution Steps

IPTV Boxes

  1. From Home left arrow to Menu, go to Settings then Device Settings, choose Device Preferences
  2. Go to bottom of Device Preferences screen and choose Reboot, the box will then restart


Passport ECHO Boxes

  1. Press Power on the converter for 5 seconds, until the box turns off, then on again
  2. Wait for the clock to switch from 12:00 to the current time


Arris / Motorola Boxes

  1. Power off your television and converter
  2. Unplug the converter from the power and wait 30 seconds
    • DCH70, DCT700 - Do not unplug the adapter from the back of the converter; the AC adapter must be unplugged from its power source
  3. Plug the converter back in, then turn converter back on
  4. Power on your television


Cisco/Scientific Atlanta Boxes

  • Step 1 - On the Converter:
  1. Press the Vol +, Vol -, and Info buttons simultaneously, then release
  2. Wait until the time reappears on the box before taking the next step
  • Step 2 - On the Remote:
    1. ​​​​​​​On a non-interactive channel, like channel 2, hold down Pause until a small green light (not the power light) appears on the box
    2. Press Page Down once, then Stop 3 times
    3. The box should read r-02; after 1-2 min the box will restart

      Note: If neither of these methods work, please see the Universal Power Cycle steps above


TIVo Steps (all models) can be found here


Internal Information

Commercial Agent Steps

Financial Agent Steps

Management Steps

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