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SportsPass on TiVo



SportsPass is a OnePass feature that allows you to record by team or by league

  • Follow a team and get playoff games all in one place

  • Sports events are listed in the menu as games or matches, rather than episodes

Please Note: SportsPass is not available on Experience 4 TiVos (this includes IPTV)

Resolution Steps

Press Record while watching a game, or select a future game from the TiVo Guide to get started

  • Start a OnePass SportsPass with options to choose teams or the associated league 

  • SportsPass automatically defaults to add an hour to recordings, in case the games go into overtime

    NFL Football   NBA Basketball
    MLS Soccer    MLB  Baseball
    NHL Hockey    NCAA Men's Division 1 Football and Basketball 

    Support for additional leagues, or additional locales is considered for a future release

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