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Tracking Data Allotments for CA, OR and WA



  • High data usage takes up additional resources to manage our network in order to maintain reliable internet access for all customers
  • The fair solution is for heavy data users to contribute more towards the resources required
  • Our data allotment is not a usage cap that cuts off service when it reached the limit; instead, when the allotment is exceeded accounts are charged a small fee for overages
    • Our research shows less than 1% of our customers use more than 100GB per month, meaning over 99% of customers are not charged overages
    • See the Policies, Agreements, Terms of Service and Scope of Support on our website for data allotment limits
      Internet Service Level Data Usage Allotment
      Less than 15Mbps  100GB
      15Mbps - 50Mbps  300GB
      55Mbps - 100Mbps 400GB
      250Mbps - 300Mbps 500GB
      500Mbps - 600Mbps 1TB
      1000Mbps and Higher Unlimited


Resolution Steps

Checking Your Data Usage

  • Login to MyAstound at and click on Account, then Data Usage
  • Users can also set up an email alert by clicking on the Usage Email Alerts option on the right hand column
  • Data usage tracking updates every 24 hours, between 12am-2am, from the day before, and resets at the 2nd of each calendar month
  • Data usage consists of both uploads and downloads, on all devices in a customer home at the account level
  • Tracking is only on the amount of data used, not what the data is or any specific internet activity

Average File Sizes for Data Usage Tracking

Each Internet activity is unique; see below for average file sizes and their data usage equivalents

Average Internet Activity Average File Size
Email 59KB
Web Page 130KB
Song File 4MB
Digital Photo 5MB
SD Movie 2GB
Hour of Online Gaming 15-30MB



100GB Data Transfer Allotment Equivalent Examples

  • Send / receive 1,694,915 emails
  • View 769,230 web pages
  • Download 25,000 songs or 20,000 photos
  • Download 50 SD movies or 20 HD moves
  • Game online for 3,400 hours


Data Usage Doesn't Match or Too High

  • Data usage is tracked by the modem's MAC address, which is unique to the services

  • Make sure the router is secured; unsecured Wi-Fi access may cause higher usage due to unauthorized access

  • Run a virus scan / malware check on all devices viruses and malware increase data usage

Internal Information

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Management Steps