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One-touch Recording

  1. Press the Record button on the remote while watching a show
  2. From the Listings grid, highlight a show to record and press the Record button on the remote 

Recording from Program Information

  1. From the Guide, choose a program and press the Info button
  2. Highlight the Record icon on the Information screen
  3. Press OK/Select to schedule a recording
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts for additional recording options


Manual Recording

  1. Select DVR from the Quick Menu or Main Menu, or My DVR button from the main menu
  2. Select Set a Recording
  3. Select start timeend time and day, then press Confirm
  4. Select a channel to record from channel list
  5. Select Create Recording or select Recording Options for additional options
  6. Select Confirm Recording 


Recording Two Programs at Once

  • While Watching a Show
    1. Press the Record button on the remote to record the current program
    2. Press Swap on the remote to switch to the other tuner and select a second program to record
    3. Press the Record button on the remote, again 

  • From the Guide
    1. Highlight a program to record from any listings screen
    2. Press the Record button on the remote to set up the first recording
    3. Highlight the second program, and press Record button again


Recording a Series

  1. Select a program from the Listings grid or from a Search results list
  2. Select the Record icon from the Program Info screen and select Set Up a Series Recording
  3. Select the Recording Type (such as First run only)
  4. Specify how many recordings to save, and how long to save on the DVR
  5. Select View all Options to review all additional options
  6. Select Confirm Recording
  7. Series Recordings appear in the My Recordings list with the show title as its label


Modify the Series Priority List

  • The DVR automatically creates a Series Priority List for any scheduling conflicts with Series Recordings
    1. Select DVR from the Quick Menu or Main Menu
    2. Choose Series Recordings
    3. Highlight a program and use Page Up or Page Down to modify the priority
  • For individual recordings that air at the same time as the  series, delete the individual recording from the Scheduled Recordings List


Changing Channels When Both Tuners are Recording

  • When two programs record simultaneously and you change channels, an overlay appears with these choices 
    • Swap to view the other recording
    • Continue recording, don't change channel
    • Stop recording and change channel (two recordings are in progress, tune to another channel) 


Managing Conflicts

  • If two or more recordings are set for the same time, there is a Scheduling Conflict
  • Choose a previously set recording or the new recording
  • Individual recordings always take priority over series recordings


Viewing and Sorting Your Recordings

  • Through the Menus
    • Select DVR from the Quick Menu or Main Menu
    • Select My Recordings or Future Recordings
    • Press the right arrow to view recordings by channeldate, or title 
  • Through the Guide
    1. Press the Guide button on the remote
    2. Scroll to the current program recorded or scroll out to an upcoming recording
    3. Scheduled recordings have a red dot next to the title


Playing, Locking, or Deleting Recordings

  • Select DVR from the Quick Menu or Main Menu
  • Select My Recordings, then choose a program and select the appropriate icon
    Go back to the previous screen 
    Restart from the beginning
    Modify the saved settings
    Delete this program
    Set or remove a lock


Modifying Scheduled (Future) Recordings

  1. Select DVR from the Quick Menu or Main Menu

  2. Select Future Recordings. You will see a list of all the programs you have scheduled to record

  3. Select the program in question

  4. Select the wrench icon to change the Recording Options. From there you can:

    • Change the frequency of the recording, such as every day or once a week

    • Specify how many shows to save

    • Set a Save Until parameter, either until you delete or delete automatically when space is needed

    • Change the start and end times in order to catch every minute of a program, even if it runs over


Canceling Future Recordings or Recordings in Progress

  • Through the Menus
    • Select DVR from the Quick Menu or Main Menu
    • Select Future Recordings, then the program in question and choose Don't Record
  • Through the Guide
    • Press the Guide button on the remote
    • Scroll to the upcoming recording or a recording in progress
    • Press the Record button on the remote and select Don't Record from the list of options


Deleting Multiple Recordings at Once

  • Select DVR from the Quick Menu or Main Menu, then DVR Cleanup
  • Press OK/Select to put a check mark next to the recordings to delete
  • Select Delete, then Delete all Marked Recordings


Viewing Recording Capacity/Hard Drive Space



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