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Email Bouncebacks for, CA, OR and WA



    Something has occurred to generate an automatic error when sending or receiving email

    Email bouncebacks can be generated by the sending or receiving mail servers. This means that the specific phrasing of the bounceback changes depending on source.
    If the error message is clearly generated by a non-Wave mail server, refer to that mail host.  

    At least one email address must be a Wave-owned domain

Resolution Steps

The Email Address Can’t Be Found

    User unknown; Domain not found; Email does not exist; Host name unknown

      The email address no longer exists or the domain is invalid, this is often caused by a typo or by the recipient having closed their email address  

    • Verify that the email address has been typed correctly

    • If it has,  something appears to be wrong with that email address and to contact the recipient in some other manner

    • If the Wave email is the email address causing the error, chat with a representative or contact us for help


The Email Mailbox is Full

    Account over Quota; Mailbox full

    • The recipient mailbox has used all of its space, this is often caused when an email client remove messages from server or when the recipient has stopped checking that email address

    • If sending to someone else,  the recipient will need to free up space in their mailbox

    • If receiving email, delete emails from webmail to free up space

The Size of the Email Exceeds the Size Limit of the Mail Server

    • Email servers, both sending and receiving, have size limitations for individual emails

    • Email clients may also have size limitations

    • Email clients and recipient email servers are usually around 10M limit

      • Our webmail limits based on the amount of space remaining in the mailbox

    • Split up or compress attachments to send with email

The Spam Filters of Sender or Recipient are Blocking Some Part of the Message

    Message Content Not Acceptable; Text Rejected

    • Spam filters are blocking some word, phrase, or partial word in the message for resembling spam

    • This can be in the original message content, the email addresses, the subject line, attachment names, or the full header information

    • Chat with a representative or contact us for help 

    • We will want the bounceback message and the original message (including full headers, subject line, and attachment names) for our mail staff


The Email is On a Third-Party Blacklist

    Message rejected for possible spam/virus content; Blocked by X

      Reply-to address has been blacklisted

      One of our mail server IPs have been temporarily blacklisted, our email domain has been temporarily blacklisted

      The recipient only accepts from whitelisted addresses

      Of these, our mail server IP address being blacklisted is the most common

    • Chat with a representative or contact us for help 

    • Provide the part of the bounceback that lists which blacklist it is on or which IP is blacklisted

    • It may take a 1-2 days to be removed from a list


Mail Server Administrators Have Blocked Our Domain

    Canceled by Server Operator

      Most usually this error happens due to high volume of emails, usually spam

      This is often an immediate response to stop the mail servers from being swamped

      This can be from the recipient or as a result of our actions to stop the spammers

    • This is usually a temporary error and will either pass as the mail volume is controlled or turn into blacklist errors


The Mail Server Is Overloaded and Has a Queue

    Message delayed; Message has failed to send. A second attempt will be made soon; mail is in queue

      High volumes of mail are being processed at that point in time, usually spam, exceeding what the mail server can handle at once

      Mail is often placed in a queue and a second attempt is made later to see if the volume has dropped

      The bounceback will stop once mail volume is down again


The Customer Is Using an Email Client and Has It Set Up Wrong

    Failed to send using the mail server "X” Bad SMTP prompt at host (sometimes)

      The email client could have updated and pulled the wrong information

      The wrong information may be configured in SMTP mail client settings

      These will often give errors inside the client but can occasionally give bouncebacks

The DNS Host Can’t Be Reached

    DNS server failure

      The recipient mail server may be down or not exist, there may be a misconfigured server or a typo on setup

    • This is usually from the recipient’s side

    • Ensure there are no typos in mail client settings


Some Unknown Problem Has Occurred

    Unknown; Connection Timed out; Bad SMTP prompt at host; No response


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