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Cloud Phone App for CA, OR and WA



With our phone service and a wireless connection, use our free  Wave Cloud Phone App to:

  • Make and receive calls with the home number on a device when connected to the internet
  • Never miss a call.  Calls to the home number ring simultaneously to all connected devices
  • Stay in contact; one number can reach family members at home or away
  • Cloud Phone App FAQs

Resolution Steps

Getting Started

  • Install the Wave Cloud Phone app on up to eight devices, including smart phones and tablets

  • After downloading the Cloud Phone app, contact us to activate your app and obtain a password

  • The password can be used to activate other devices to connect to your home number

  • If the password is changed, update the new password on any additional devices


Navigating the Wave Cloud Phone App

  1. Press in the upper right hand corner of the app
  2. The Main Menu gives you the following options


    • Contact lists are automatically pulled from the Contact List on your device when the app is launched

    • Contacts created on the Wave Cloud Phone app do not carry over to your devices phone contacts



    Dial your destination number into this screen
    • Making calls and checking voice mail from the app. Calls are free over a free WiFi signal, but data charges may apply through a paid WiFi

    • To ensure calls are free, turn off cellular roaming on your device

    • Cellular phone plan minutes are used when making or receiving calls on a cellular network

    • Change the connection the Wave Cloud Phone app uses under Settings, then Account in the app. Next to Make calls; choose Wave Phone, Cell Phone, or Always Ask

    International Calls With No Roaming
    • Before you arrive in your destination, turn off cellular data, data roaming and do not enable LTE

    • Connect to WiFi and open the Cloud Phone App to make/receive calls


    Call History

    Shows all inbound, outbound and missed calls from the telephone number
    • This includes any calls sent or received by this number (from your home phone or any devices using this app)

    • Calls sent or received from your home phone or any devices are included

    • Android or apple phones show the same icons in Call History:

      Green    =  Answered Blue =  Dialed Red =  Missed, Did not answer



    Like call history, messages are shared storage for the Telephone Number
    • All information is shared on all other devices with this app, including the analog phone TUI  (Telephone User Interface)




    Account Settings

    Account Settings have the ability to:

    • Change the cellular telephone number associated with the app

    • Change the password ( will change the phone portal password)

    • Set ringtones

    • Manage Contacts and Message settings

    • Collect data usage



    Shows you the features of the Wave Cloud Phone app



    Gives you some basic troubleshooting of the app


    Send Feedback

    This option is useful in trouble shooting scenarios
    • No personal information is collected; only hardware and software details about the phone and the app that are used to diagnose problems for the Wave Cloud Phone app

    • This data is sent directly to and only accessible by our Engineering Team


Transferring Calls with Call Switch

Call Push

  • When you press the Switch button, calls are pushed from the app to another device

  • This causes all devices including all analog phones sharing the telephone number ring simultaneously

  • Answer the ringing device that you wish to push the call to

  • Please Note: Pushing the This device (mobile) button moves the call to the mobile telephone number programmed during setup or in Settings > Account Settings > Mobile Number


Call Pull

Calls can be pulled to the device in your hand
  1. During an incoming call, press  in the upper right hand corner of the app

  2. You see Call Available to Pull at the top of the menu

  3. This is a two-step process to ensure active calls are not pulled to a device in error


Logging Out

The Wave Cloud Phone app pushes notifications even if it is shut down

  • To stop all notification, launch the app and then Log Out

  • Log Out for iOS devices is located in the Side Navigation Menu

  • To log out of the Android version, push the Android Menu Button for the Log Out option
    • The Android Menu button is usually an external button depending on the model of the phone / tablet


Internal Information

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