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Roku Installation, Setup, and Troubleshooting



Requirements for Roku Service

  • 5 Mbps or higher for HD streaming
  • Have an HD television with an HDMI port


Change 4-Digit PIN and PIN Preferences

Note: PIN preferences for adding channels will be changed here

  1. Sign in your Roku account with your email address and password

  2. To update PIN, click on update

  3. Enter new PIN in PIN field and verify

  4. Submit when finished


Resolution Steps

Pair Roku Remote

  1. Open Roku remote battery compartment
  2. Place remote in close to Roku
  3. Press and hold pairing button inside battery compartment for 3 seconds

When the LED light stops blinking, pairing is complete


Wifi Password Change

  1. Press Home button on remote
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select a Network
  4. Repeat Guided Set up
  5. Select Wireless Network
  6. Update password


Add Channels

  1. From Main Menu arrow to Channel Store

  2. Find the Channel

  3. Choose Add or Buy

  4. Enter 4-digit pin if prompted


Remove Channels

  1. From Main Menu go to My Channels

  2. Highlight channel, press OK to select

  3. Select Remove Channel

  4. Confirm, select Yes remove channel

Internal Information

Commercial Agent Steps

Financial Agent Steps

Management Steps