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Closed Caption Information for Non-TiVo Equipment



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Resolution Steps


  1. With your set-top box on, push the power button on your set-top box (or remote if in cable mode) to turn it off

  2. Immediately (within one second) press MENU on your remote

  3. The User Settings menu displays on-screen

  4. Using the left / right / up / down arrow buttons, highlight Closed Caption

  5. Press OK / SELECT on your remote to toggle between Enable and Disable

  6. Power on your set-top box to return to watching TV


Passport ECHO

  1. Press the MENU key twice to access the General Settings menu
  2. Scroll down to Language and press OK/Select
  3. Choose Closed Captioning and press OK/Select
  4. Choose On/Off and press OK/Select
  5. Choose from the following options:
    • On - Closed captioning will be displayed on any channel/program that broadcasts with it
    • Off - Closed captioning will NOT be displayed on any channel/program that broadcasts with it
  6. If you've turned Closed Captioning ON, use these additional settings:
    • Scroll down to Analog Services and press OK/Select or scroll to the right
      • The standard setting is CC1
      • Press OK/Select. scroll back to the left
    • Scroll down to Digital Services and press OK/Select or scroll to the right
      • The standard setting is Primary
      • Press OK/Select, and scroll back to the left
  7. Press the Exit key to leave the General Settings menu


Passport, Passport DCT

  1. Press Settings on the remote to bring up Quick Settings

  2. Scroll down to Caption off / on / on with mute

  3. Select On, then press Exit

  4. Press Settings on the remote twice for General Settings

  5. Select CC: Source

  6. Select STD CC1 and Digital 1

  7. Press A to accept

  8. Press EXIT



There are two ways to enable/disable closed captioning on a HD DTA

  1. Press C on your remote
    • Toggles through available CC options (CC1, CC2, CC3, CC4, OFF)
    • Select CC1
  2. Press Menu on your remote
    • Select Settings
    • Select Closed Captioning
    • Use LEFT or RIGHT to change the following Options on the Closed Captioning page
      • Change Status to On (or Off)
      • Change Standard Captions to CC1
      • Change Digital Captions to DTVCC1
      • If you wish, you can also change the size, color, etc.
      • Scroll up to Use these settings and press OK


General TV Instructions

  1. Look for a CC or CAP button on the original TV remote. Press it to activate Closed Captioning
  2. If no CC or CAP button, look for a Menu button and press it
    •  The TV's on-screen menu should have a captions setting area, most likely under Language or Captions
  3. For further assistance, contact your TV manufacturer

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