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Email and Server Settings for, CA, MD, OR and WA



Email storage limits for all accounts is 5 gigabytes

The login for each email account is the entire email address for both incoming and outgoing mail servers

Resolution Steps

Email Server Information

    All email client programs need the following information:

    • Account Type: POP or POP3 (single device) / IMAP (multiple devices)

    • Email address

    • Name of user

    • Login/User name Full email address

    • Email Password

    • Incoming Mail Servers

    • Account Type Security Port #
      POP/POP3 SSL 995
      IMAP SSL 993
      POP/POP3 None 110
      IMAP None 143

      Domain Incoming Server

    • Outgoing SMTP Mail Server

    • Account Type Security Port #
      SMTP None 25
      Alternate SMTP

      For mobile access using providers with blocked ports

      STARTLS with SMTP on port 587 is currently enabled   
      STARTLS 587

      Domain Outgoing Server

Internal Information

Commercial Agent Steps

Financial Agent Steps

Management Steps