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Smart Home Geo-Services



  • Create Geo-Fences to enable location-based rules and alerts that automatically adjust your home’s settings
  • Geo-Services uses the location of your smartphone to detect when you’re leaving or approaching your home

Resolution Steps

Important: You must first enable Location services on the smartphone or mobile device before configuring Geo-Services

Enable Geo-Services on your Smartphone

    1. Log in to the app

    2. Tap the Menu icon in the top left

    3. Scroll down and tap Geo-Services

    4. Tap the toggle switch to enable Geo-Services

    5. Tap Enable to confirm

    6. If Location Services are not enabled, select Go To device Settings and turn Location services on

    7. Verify that your Location Services are turned on

    Go to the web dashboard to create your Geo-Fence


Create your Geo-Fence in Web Dashboard

    1. Click Settings

    2. Click Geo-Services

    3. Click + Add a Fence

    4. In the Enter Address field, enter an address

    5. In the Fence Name field, give the fence a name

    6. Enter the radius or click and drag the fence to expand

    7. Review your fence and click Save

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