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Setting the Time / Channel Display on Motorola and Cisco/SA Boxes



Resolution Steps

Motorola (i-Guide)


Motorola boxes Front Panel Displays the current channel continuously by default.
To change this:

  1. Press Menu twice for the TV Guide Main Menu
  2. Select Setup (usually on the second page of options)
  3. Select Cable Box Setup
  4. Select Front LED Display
  5. Change Current Channel to Current Time
    • The clock will continuously show on the front panel
    • The channel number will show momentarily when switching channels
  6. Press Exit to leave the menu


Cisco / Scientific Atlanta (Passport)

Cisco / SA boxes default to showing the Current Time unless they're changing channels, where it'll show the current channel for a moment then go back to the time. 


  1. Press Settings twice to access the General Settings
  2. Select Display, Power On and choose:
    • Show Time Of Day always, the channel will never display
    • Show Channel When Tuning, other times, the clock will be on
    • Show Channel always, the clock will never display
  3. Press Select or A to accept the setting
  4. Choose what you want your box to look like when powered off
    • Select Display, Power Off from General Settings and choose:
      • Blank when powered off
      • Time when powered off 
    • Press Select or A to accept the setting
  5. Press Exit to leave the menu

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