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Actiontec WECB3000n Wi-Fi Range Extender



The Actiontec WECB3000n Wi-Fi extender connects using MoCA signals running through a coaxial cable to extend Wi-Fi services

Resolution Steps

Hookup / Diagrams


Using WPS to Configure

  1. Press the  WPS button (top or right-hand panel) on the device for no less than eight seconds

  2. Within two minutes, press the WPS button on the router/gateway

  3. A red ring around the WPS button on the Extender blinks and then goes out.

  4. When this happens, the Extender’s network settings will be identical to router

Using Web Link to Configure

  1. Once hooked up, have the customer open http://wecb-XXXX.local on a browser

    • XXXX is the last four digits of the device's serial number, found on the label located on the back panel

  2. Enter admin / admin as the username / password

Verifying Wireless Settings

  1. Once logged in, a Status screen will display

  2. Click on the Wireless Setup icon at the top of the screen

  3. Select Wireless Security

  4. Change the wireless settings (SSIDs / passwords) for 2.4 and 5GHz networks to match that of the router / gateway

Internal Information

Commercial Agent Steps

Financial Agent Steps

Management Steps