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Phone Feature Overview for Grande TX



Our phone service includes several popular calling features:

  • Anonymous Call Rejection - dial *77 to reject Private, Blocked or Anonymous callers and callers who use Caller ID Blocking; feature can be disabled by dialing *87
  • Basic Voice Mail - receive up to 20 messages that are saved for 30 days or until deleted; dial *86 for set up and access
  • Call Forward Remote Activation - activate and deactivate the call forward feature when you are away from home
  • Call Forward Variable - forward incoming calls to a number of your choice, when your line is busy or unanswered
    • Call Forward Always (*72), Call Forward Busy (*90), Call Forward No Answer (*92)
  • Call Return - get the number of your last incoming call by dialing *69; also get time / date information and return the call instantly
  • Call Waiting - while on a call, hear a short beep to notify you someone else is calling; dial *70 to turn the feature off on a per-call basis
  • Caller ID - know the name and number of your caller before answering the phone (must have Caller ID phone or box with Caller ID functionality
  • Call Waiting with Caller ID - see who is calling while you're on the phone; a tone alerts you of another caller and your Caller ID displays their name and number
  • Distinctive Ring - hear a distinctive ring tone for up to 30 telephone numbers of your choice
  • Selective Call Forward - reroute calls (up to 10 numbers) to another number. Dial *63 and follow the prompts to set-up / remove numbers on your list
  • Selective Call Rejection - block up to 13 numbers you don't want to receive calls from; dial *63 and follow the tutorial for set-up and turning off the feature 
  • Speed Dial - dial *74 to store up to eight numbers you can dial by pressing a one-digit number (2-9) to make a quick and convenient call
  • Three-way Calling - three people, one conversation.  Add a third party to a traditional two-way call by pressing the flash / receiver button on your phone 


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Additional information about our phone service:

  • Your current phone equipment such as phone, fax, answering machine or caller ID unit should work with our service
  • By porting your number to us, you can keep the same phone number you have now. (Or you can opt to receive a brand new phone number)
  • Use our Phone Manager to conveniently manage your phone service whenever you choose

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