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Voice Mail for enTouch TX



Accessing Voice Mail from Home

  • Dial your home phone number and enter the PIN when the greeting starts
  • Press 1 to play messages

Accessing Voice Mail from Another Phone Number  

  • Dial your home phone number and press * when the greeting starts
  • Enter the PIN and press to play messages

Resolution Steps

Voice Mail Set Up

Dial *98 and follow the tutorial to set up Voice Mail

  • Choose a PIN (expires after day 365)
    • PIN must be between 6 and 20 digits
    • Cannot have sequential or same numbers (23456, 33333)
    • Cannot be part of the phone number
  • Record a Greeting: this is the greeting heard when a caller goes to Voice Mail
  • Record a Name: identifies the name of the person receiving the message


Managing Messages

After listening to a message, choose one of the following 

  • Press 1 to Repeat the message

  • Press 2 to Save the message

  • Press 3 to Delete the message

  • Press * (Star) to Exit Voice Mail


Change PIN

Dial the 10-digit phone number and enter the PIN to access Voice Mail

  • Press 4 for Settings

  • Press 3 for Security

  • Press 1 to Change PIN (see PIN rules above)


Change Settings

Dial the 10-digit phone number and enter the PIN to access Voice Mail 

  • Press 4 for Settings

  • Follow tutorials to Change a Greeting, Record a Different Name, Change Number of Rings, etc.


Internal Information

Commercial Agent Steps

Financial Agent Steps

Management Steps