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Using enTouch Webmail



Resolution Steps

Webmail Password Change

    1. Click Forgot password from the main webmail login website

    2. Fill out the form and click Continue

    Please Note: There is no change of password feature once logged into webmail. Password changes are done using these instructions


Trouble Viewing Webmail Messages

    1. Try another browser or temporarily lower the security settings on the current browser

    2. Log out and back in to test

    3. Select Preferences

    4. Select client type AJAX

    5. Press Save and log out of webmail

    6. Log back into webmail



    1. Click on New Message in the upper left-hand corner

    2. Fill out the To, Subject, and Body fields and hit Send

    3. If you need to add attachments here you can also do that by clicking the "attach" button above the body


Change Name in the From Field 

    1. Click Preferences

    2. Click Accounts

    3. Change the information in the From Field under Settings for Sent Messages

    4. Compose a message to the same address

    5. Check the Inbox and see who the message says it's From



    1. Open Preferences

    2. Select the Signatures tab

    3. Click on New Signature, then name it, you can have more than one signature

    4. In the Signature text box, type the signature information exactly as you want it to appear in your messages

    5. In the Using Signatures section, select where the signature should be placed in your messages

    6. Add your signature at the end of the your composed, replied to, or forwarded text

    7. Chose the Placement of the Signature

    8. Click Save

    9. To apply this signature to your account name, go to the Accounts tab and in the Signature field, select the Signature Name from the drop down


Rules and Filters

    1. Open Preferences

    2. Select Filters tab

    3. Select Incoming Message Filters

    4. Click on New Filter

    5. Enter the name of filter in the Filter Name

    6. Create conditions for filter to watch out for and actions to perform on incoming mail that matches those conditions

    7. When finished click on OK


Rename Folder

    1. Click on the down arrow next to the folder you would like to rename

    2. Click on the Rename Folder

    3. Type the name you would like to title the folder

    4. Click on OK


Out of Office and Vacation Response

    1. Click Preferences tab

    2. Click on the Out of Office option

    3. Choose the Send auto-reply message option

    4. Enter the desired auto response message in the Auto-Reply Message section

    5. Select the date and time range for the auto response to be active in the Time Period section

    6. Click on Save in the top left section



    1. Click Preferences tab

    2. Click on the Mail option

    3. Go to Receiving Messages

    4. In the field below Forward a copy to, enter the email address to forward messages to

    5. You can optionally check, don't keep a local copy of messages to prevent the webmail quota from being exceeded

    6. Click on Save at the top left


Display Name

    1. Click  Preferences

    2. Click on Accounts

    3. From the Primary Account Settings section, enter the desired outgoing name in the field under Settings for Sent Messages

    4. Click on Save


Disable Ads

    1. Click Preferences

    2. From General settings, click on Standard (HTML) in the Sign in using section

    3. Click Save 

    • The page reloads itself  


Delete Messages

    1. From the Inbox, or by navigating to your folder of choice, click on the check boxes by the messages you want to delete

    2. Click "Delete" from the top menu, the messages will go into the Trash folder

    3. You can empty trash by clicking on the arrow to its right and selecting "Empty Trash"


Delete Folder

    1. Click the down arrow next to the folder you want to delete

    2. Select the Delete option within the drop down menu

    3. This will move the folder along with any emails within directly to the Trash where it can be permanently deleted


Blocking a Sender

    1. Click Preferences

    2. Click on Filters 

    3. Choose Incoming Message Filters 

    4. Click on New Filter

    5. Enter the name you'd like to give the filter in the Filter Name

    6. Click on the Subject drop down and choose From, then enter the email address to be blocked in the field to the right

    7. Click on the Keep in Inbox drop down and choose the Delete option

    8. When finished click on OK 


Address Book

    1. Click on "Address Book"

    2. Click on "New Contact" you will be able to fill out necessary contact information to create your contact entry 

    3. Once you've added the necessary information, click "Save" in the upper left-hand corner

      Sending to Contacts:

      • When composing a new message, the "To" field will auto complete with contact names and addresses to match what you're typing

      • You can also click on the "To" field to pull up your entire list of contacts

      • From here you can highlight contacts and select if you want their address in the "To", "CC", and "BCC" fields 

      • When you've selected the full list of who you want to send the emails to, press "OK" in the bottom right-hand corner


Add Folder

    1. Click on the down arrow next to New Message or

    2. Click on the down arrow next to the inbox or

    3. Click on any of the other folders or sub folders

    4. Click on New Folder

    5. Name the folder, chose where to place the new folder

    6. Click on OK


Add / Remove Check Boxes 

    1. Select Preferences

    2. From the General tab, under the Other category, check/uncheck box to display check boxes

    3. Refresh the web page for the boxes to appear/disappear


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