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Google Assistant for IPTV and TiVo Stream 4K



  • Google Assistant is Google’s artificial intelligence-powered voice assistant. It is available on Android devices, like our IPTV boxes and TiVo Stream 4K devices. You can use Google Assistant to trigger apps and devices, ask all kinds of questions, make plans, and carry out a variety of useful tasks.

The Google Assistant button looks like this:


  • This button on the TiVo Creek IPTV Remote (for SEI eSTREAM PYXIX 4K) and the TiVo S6A Backlit Android TV Remote is a combination Google Assistant/TiVo Voice command, while the MAXI ATV 2-in-1 Remote Control has a separate button for TiVo Voice commands.


Resolution Steps

  • Activate or deactivate Google Assistant on your IPTV device by following this path:

    • TiVo Home | Left arrow to Menu | Settings | Device Settings | Device Preferences | The Google Assistant

  • Activate or deactivate Google Assistant on your TiVo Stream 4K by following this path:

    • Scroll to the gear icon (settings) on the upper right of the screen | Device Preferences | The Google Assistant

  • The toggle can be set to On or Off
An appropriate google account is needed to interface with certain smart home features.

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