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Parental / Purchase Controls for iGuide Boxes



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Parental Controls allow programming blocks by channel number, rating, or time period


PIN Types

  • Locks PIN: used to restrict viewing to particular channels, ratings, or programming
  • Purchase PIN: restricts viewers from ordering anything that requires a purchase


Resolution Steps

Change PIN(s)

  1. Press the Menu button twice on the remote control

  2. Scroll Down to the second page of the Main Menu and choose Setup

  3. Select PINs Setup, and choose either Lock or Purchase PIN

  4. Enter the current PIN

  5. When prompted, enter a new PIN, then again to confirm


Locking Preferences

  1. Go to Main Menu | Setup | Locks Setup and enter your current PIN

  2. Choose an option to update and press OK to confirm each setting
    • Lock Titles of programs

    • Lock TV Ratings
      NA TV-Y7 TV-14
      NR (General) G / TV-G TV-MA
      TV-Y PG / TV-PG  
    • Lock Movie Ratings
      NA PG-13 NR (Adult)
      G / TV-G R  
      PG / TV-PG NC-17  
    • Lock Channels

    • Enable or disable Master Locks

    • Show or Hide Adult titles


Bypass or Clear Locks

  1. Go to Main Menu | Setup | Locks Setup and enter your current PIN

  2. Select Master Locks from the Locks Setup screen

  3. Change the Bypass Locks option from No to Yes to temporarily clear all locks

  4. Change the Clear All Locks option from No to Yes to permanently clear all locks


Restore Locks (Turn on Locks)

  1. Go to Main Menu | Setup | Locks Setup

  2. Select Turn on Locks and enter your current PIN

  3. Power the converter off, then back on


Setting Locks while watching TV

  1. Highlight the  Icon on the Information screen

  2. Enter your Parental Locks PIN and lock the channel, title or rating using the on-screen prompts

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