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Parental / Purchase Controls for HDDTAs



Resolution Steps

  1. Press Menu on your remote

  2. Select Settings

  3. Select Parental Controls

  4. If this is your first time to Parental Controls, you are prompted to make a numerical PIN and confirm it. Otherwise, enter your existing PIN

  5. Select Rating Limits to choose the highest rating without entering the PIN
    • TV Ratings
      • NA
      • TV-Y
      • TV-Y7
      • TV-G
      • TV-PG
      • TV-14
      • TV-MA

    • Movie Rating
      • NA
      • G
      • PG
      • R
      • PG-13
      • NC-17
      • NR (Not Rated, Adult)
    • Block Unrated TV shows

    • Block Unrated Movies

    • When done, select Use these settings

  6. Hide Adult shows
    • The titles and descriptions of any adult shows will be hidden

    • Choose don't hide to show the titles and descriptions of any adult shows again

  7. Lock channels
    • Lock specific channels by scrolling to them and pressing OK

    • Your PIN will be needed to access any of these channels

    • You can also choose to Lock all channels, or Unlock all channels

  8. Change PIN
    • You will be prompted for your original PIN

    • Enter your new numerical PIN

    • Confirm it by entering it again

  9. You can also Disable Parental Controls and stop requiring a PIN to view blocked shows or channels

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