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IPTV OnePass Information



OnePass gathers every episode of a series and adds them all right to your My Shows list. If an episode isn't available to record , OnePass shows you episodes available to watch instantly from On Demand, Netflix, Prime, Hulu, and more



Resolution Steps

Creating a OnePass

  1. Find a show to watch from search results or from the guide, highlight the show, and press and hold Select for 3 seconds
  2. Select Create a OnePass for this series
  3. See OnePass Options for an explanation of your Options


Modifying a OnePass

  1. From the My Shows folder, select the show in question and select OnePass Options from the left
  2. On the OnePass Options page, select Modify OnePass
  3. OnePass Options:
    • Include: OnePass can include Recordings only, Streaming videos, or both
    • Start From: One Pass can start from any season available
    • Rent Or Buy: choose, Include to add shows that are available for purchase to your list, otherwise, select Don't Include
    • Record: choose from New & Reruns or New Only, Everything
    • Channel: select a specific channel, or All to let TiVo find the program on all channels for you
    • Video Quality: choose Prefer HD or Only HD
    • Keep at Most: select the number of recordings to keep in your show folder: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 25 or All (does not include streaming shows)
    • Keep Until: choose Space needed or As long as Possible (eventually, the cloud will start removing your oldest recordings; usually a 90 day expiration)
    • Start Recording*: start your recording early to prevent missing the beginning of a show
    • Stop Recording*: end your recording late to prevent missing the ending of a show


OnePass Manager

  • Go to TiVo Home | left arrow to Menu | Settings | OnePass Manager (see steps)


Cancel or Modify your OnePass

  1. Select any OnePass from the list

  2. You will see options to modify or cancel the OnePass

  3. See OnePass Options for an explanation of your Options


No Prioritization needed

  • IPTV devices do not use tuners; recordings are stored in the cloud. You can record as many shows as you want at the same. Therefore, no recording priority is needed (though you need to keep in mind your allotment of recording space)


Streaming Episodes

  • Streaming episodes don't use any hard drive space on the TiVo

  • Save streaming movies, episodes, and available seasons directly to My Shows

  • Add streaming content from On Demand, Netflix, Prime Video, or HBOmax, and more


Default OnePass Settings

  • You can change the default settings of the way your OnePass behaves
  • Go to TiVo Home | left arrow to Menu | Settings | User Preferences and select OnePass & Recording Options and set the default options (see steps)


Sorting Shows in a OnePass folder

  • IPTV recordings can be sorted by date or name. Simply press the B button on your remote
  • Pressing the C button will toggle the list to Recordings or All Shows


Deleting Shows

  1. Highlight a show or show folder in My Shows
  • Individual show:
    • After selecting the show, scroll right to highlight the "X" to delete the show. Press OK/Select and the show will be deleted from the list

  • Entire folder:
    • After selecting the folder, select OnePass Options on the left. Then, select Delete all episodes. Your options will be:
    • Delete Everything in this group: future recordings continue based on OnePass options; streaming video appears once a show is recorded
    • Delete recordings and replace with bookmarks: future recordings continue based on OnePass options; streaming videos will appear to replace recordings (depending on availability)
    • Delete recordings and replace with bookmarks: All recordings delete, only available streaming content (VOD, Netflix, Hulu, etc) will display. TiVo will continue to record future shows based on OnePass options
    • Delete everything and cancel this OnePass: delete the recordings and ensure the folder doesn't reappear with streaming video or future recording


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