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Manage Skipped Channels - Passport (DCT/Standard)



  • When you would like a channel to not show up when you are channel surfing, you can put them in Skipped Channels 
  • Skipped Channels  is a feature only available to Passport boxes


Resolution Steps

To Add Skipped Channels

  1. Press MENU twice on the remote to bring up the Settings Menu
  2. Press the up or down arrow button to highlight the Skipped Channels preference
  3. The current number of skipped channels and the channel names are displayed if skipped channels are specified; otherwise the preference shows Skipped Channels - 0
  4. Press the right arrow button to move to the Channels column. Your current channel numbers will show
    • Highlight the channel and press the OK/Select button on your remote
    • check symbol appears next to the channel in the Channels column, and the channel number is added to the Skipped Channels list
    • Remove your skipped channel by pressing the OK/Select button on your remote. The check symbol will be removed
    • You can also clear all of your skipped channels by selecting the Clear All option found in the channel column, above the channel line-up



To set your Guide to skip the channels you've selected:

  1. Press Guide on your remote
  2. Press A on your remote
  3. Select Custom (1,2,etc) 
  4. Select Set up | Hide | Hide Skipped Channels
  5.  Press A on your remote to accept
  6. Select Use now or Use Always, depending on your preference 



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