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TiVo Multi Room Viewing (MRV)



Important Information:


  • All  TiVo DVRs must be on the same, and connected to the same home network
  •  Video Sharing must be enabled for the DVR at
  • The Source Device (i.e. Four Tuner, Six Tuner) is the TiVo that has the program the customer wants to transfer 
  • The Destination Device is the box to where the program is copied for viewing
  • Series 2 TiVo DVRs can't transfer HD programming
  • Series 3, 4 and 5 TiVo DVRs can transfer HD recordings to all TiVo DVRs, except Series 2
  • Programs are transferred one at a time, and in the order requested
  • Transfer time depends on network speed and connection type
  • Non-Transferable Content

    • Prohibit Icon (red circle with a slash) displays next to non-transferable content
    • All Copy-Protected Content is non-transferable




Resolution Steps

Enable Video Sharing

  • Sign in to the TiVo account online
  • Go to My Account | Device Preferences
  • Place a check in the Video Sharing column next to each TiVo DVR on the account
  • Force Connect the TiVo to confirm the new settings 

Transferring Content

  1. On the Destination Device, go to TiVo Central | My Shows
  2. In the left column, scroll down to Devices, highlight the source DVR and press Select
  3. Choose a show and select Transfer this Recording.  When the device has no hard drive, an option to Play is shown
  4. Click Start Playing to watch while the program transfers

Alternate method

  1. Sign in to the with your registered username and password
  2. Click Manage
  3. Click Transfer Recordings
  4. On the left side of the screen, use the drop-town menu to choose the TiVo box that is transferring recordings
  5. Select the recordings to transfer
  6. On the right side of the screen, use the drop-town menu to choose the TiVo box you'd like to receive the recordings
  7. Click Transfer




Internal Information

Commercial Agent Steps

Financial Agent Steps

Management Steps