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Unwanted / Harassing Calls



If you feel threatened or in danger, dial 911 for immediate assistance from law enforcement

Additional Resources

  • National Do Not Call List: add your phone number to help reduce telemarketing calls
    • Call 1-888-382-1222 or register online
  • Visit the FCC website for helpful tips on how to reduce unwanted calls or file a complaint 
  • Bill Collector / Agency Complaints may be reported to the FTC by writing to:

    Federal Trade Commission

    Division of Credit Practices

    Washington, D.C. 20580

Resolution Steps

Harassing Calls

  • Harassing Calls can be life threatening / terroristic, obscene, malicious or harassing and usually exceed 3 calls per day
  • When tracing harassing calls, you must be willing to file a police report, prosecute the caller and testify in court
    • Dial *57 to trace the last call you received; this flags the call as a harassing call
    • A charge applies for each successful trace
    • Not all calls are traceable; auto-dialer calls, fax calls / tones / beeps, multiple line business calls, international calls, etc. are not traceable
    • Trace records are reported to law enforcement, only; you must work with law enforcement to subpoena trace records 

    Unwanted or Annoyance Calls

    • Unwanted or Annoyance Calls can be fax beeps / tones, telemarketers, hang-ups, debt collectors, computer-generated (robo) or repeat calls 
    • Certain phone features can help protect privacy
      • Anonymous Call Rejection (*77):  rejects callers who block their name / number from your Caller ID display
      • Selective Call Rejection:  (*60 or *63) block calls from phone numbers you choose to reject  
      • Call Block (*60): program this feature to block unwanted incoming phone numbers
      • Call Return (*69): after an incoming call, identify the number of the caller and date / time received
      • Caller ID: see the name / number of the caller before answering the phone
      • Non-published Phone Number: removes your number from directory assistance and from the new publication of phone books 
      • Change your Phone Number: helpful when you receive calls for the previous owner

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