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Audio (Sound) Issues on TV



Audio Delayed from Channel to Channel

We provide 100% Digital Cable, so you may notice a slight delay when changing channels
  • Digital channels take up less space in a channel line-up than older Analog channels, so we can offer much more channels
  • These channels are digitally compressed, which causes a slight delay (about a second or less) when a channel is changed because the channel needs time to  'decompress'
  • This is not a service issue - any digital video service whether cable or satellite dish exhibits this type of behavior

Additionally, you may see a slight delay in comparison when watching a Standard or HD converter to a DVR or TiVo
  • This is because the DVR/TiVo establishes a slight 'buffer' so that live TV can be paused at any time

Resolution Steps

Audio in Spanish or Another Language:

  1. Your converter may be set to SAP (Secondary Audio Programming)
  2. Your TV may be set to SAP:
  • Locate the remote that came with your TV, locate the SAP/MTS button, and turn the setting off for restore audio
  • Consult your TV manual or the manufacturer for further support


Static, Muffled Sounds or Audio from Another Channel:

Check the volume level on your TV and be sure the mute button was not pressed
  • If one channel only, the channel is most likely experiencing audio issues


  • If on all channels (one TV), adjust the volume to a comfortable level; check TV manual for additional assistance



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