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No Dial Tone - Can't Make Calls



There are a few types of No Dial Tone; it can happen on one or more phones with the same phone number

You may hear dead air (no sound), a loud humming sound or static / noise that prevents you from making or receiving calls

  • If you hear static or noise on your line, but can successfully complete a call, troubleshoot static on your line
  • When troubleshooting, verify wiring is securely connected and batteries are not outdated
  • Also, ensure the phone is set to tone, not pulse

Are you reaching a recording?

  • If yes, report the full recording to the customer service
  • Contact us for further assistance

Resolution Steps

Cordless Phones 

  1. Verify the handset is charged, then unplug the base from the phone jack and electrical outlet
  2. Plug a standard corded telephone into that jack
  3. Unplug all additional equipment from your telephone jacks (answering machines, fax machines, etc.)
    • If you can make outgoing calls when the additional equipment is disconnected, plug each piece back in one at a time to determine if a piece of equipment is causing the issue

Dial Tone on One Phone of Many 

  1. Unplug the existing phone from the malfunctioning jack and plug a spare telephone into the jack
  2. If phone service is restored, the problem may have been caused by the other telephone
  3. If you still experience no dial tone on one or more of your telephones, contact us for further assistance 

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