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TiVo HD Menu (HDUI) Features
  • Discovery Bar to find shows easily and intuitively

  • Video Window to watch a program and browse for new shows to record at the same time

  • Compatible with older, Standard Definition TVs

  • Most TiVo Apps are only available on HD Menus

  • Note:  Series 5 (and higher) TiVos (6 Tuner, Mini) do not have an SD menu option and are already in HDUI

Resolution Steps

Go to TiVo Central | Settings & Messages | Settings | Displays | Choose TiVo Menus | TiVo with HD Menus (Widescreen)
(see steps)
  • Note: TiVos with low Video Output (less than 720p) populate the Setting Not Available screen, change the Video Output to a higher setting to use the HD Menus

Internal Information

Commercial Agent Steps

Financial Agent Steps

Management Steps